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Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Specials to you ONLY~

Promotion A:
Guasha Facial Therapy & Body Meridian Massage
90 min Rag: $180 Now: $68

Bright & radiant complexion, cells are activated & face regains elasticity, clearing clogged pores, controls acne & Pimples, dark spot lighten, detoxifies skin, double chin reduced, improve acne scars, facelifts saggy skin & becomes suppler& firmer, improve skin condition, less dullness, insomnia, iron out fine lines & wrinkles, promotes blood circulation, activates energy, reducing pigmentations, freckles, refined better face shape, helps to tone the face, release of stress, removes dark circles/eye bags/ puffy eyes, improve headache, releases toxins from body, deep muscle & tissue relaxation, stress reduction & management, dies-ease presentation, improve bold circulation, reduces mental anxieties, balances kid (chi), clam the pain from tendonitis…

Check with us and Reserve once to yourself as soon as possible~

Peace Valley Massage Therapy & Nail Clinic
182 Main Street Unionville, Markham www.thepeacevalley.com 905-258-0300

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